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The insatiable American beauty ‘Mayya Moore’ returns in this outrageous update, having her gushing, loose cunt fisted and fucked with the XXXL ‘Boss Hogg’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’! Mayya is a truly enigmatic, gorgeous 27 yr old babe with a stunning, gym toned physique and horse sized cunt she loves stretching with the very biggest toys. This outstanding combination is what makes her so popular, and we love watching the intense pleasure this stunning lady enjoys, as she destroys her greedy hole to obscene levels. Mayya has an arsenal of colossal dildos to regularly fuck, and one of her favorites is the infamous ‘Boss Hogg’, measuring 15” tall x 4.3” thick at its widest mid shaft level, making it one of the ultimate cunt stretching destroyers. Enjoy watching Queen Mayya stand it on the floor beneath her, then squat and impale herself insanely deep down its shaft. She bounces up and down as hard as she can, stretching her snatch to its limits, till she reaches the middle of the Boss Hogg, making her gasp for breath and scream in ecstasy whilst she explodes in her first body shattering orgasm. She lifts off the giant toy and spreads her swollen, throbbing cunt open at the camera, showing us just how wrecked it really is, but she isn’t finished there! This insatiable monster cock craving babe is still hungry for more orgasmic pleasure, and she jumps straight back onto her humongous dildo, this time in reverse squat position. Her perfectly shaped, peachy ass looks so arousing as she slams up and down the Boss Hogg’s shaft once again, from behind. This time she wants it even deeper and pushes down with all her weight, burying the colossal cock so much it bulges her belly from the inside. The intense stretch is so extreme she soon reaches the peak of another climax, then turns around for her husband to spread her ruined hole wide open in front of the camera, so we see her orgasmic juices drooling profusely from her swollen mound of prolapsing, horse sized, ruined cunt flesh!
File name: Mayya Moore – Mayyas loose cunt ruination – Sicflics
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:13:33
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 253 kb/s
File size: 1.45 GB


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