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It’s a custom video in which I was asked to stuff my ass with as many Sharpies as I can. I spend the whole video doggystyle with the camera in the same position. At the beginning I stretch my ass with my hand getting it ready for Sharpies. There is some anal fisting and gaping. If you don’t want spoilers, don’t keep on reading the description! There is an interesting behind the scenes story related to this shooting: “I shot the video around 4 pm and I was very happy I managed to take all 24 Sharpies in. Later, around 9 pm I started editing the video and counted the Sharpies up my asshole. And I found out that while I thought while shooting that I took 24, I could see just 22. I counted Sharpies in their box in the beginning of the video and there were 24, so while shooting 2 of them disappeared. I counted Sharpies in real: 23. There was definitely a problem. I recounted Sharpies up my ass again and saw that one was deeper than others and that’s why I didn’t count it before (the pink one, which stays in as all the rest were pushed out). So, 23. And where’s the 24th? I spent some time searching for it on the floor as it could get lost as I pushed Sharpies out, found nothing. And here I got an idea. And it scared me. What if one of the Sharpies is inside still? Oh fuck, here I imagined me going to a doctor with this problem and felt very bad. I run to the bathroom and found out I was right, one of the Sharpies was inside all those 5 hours long. So, as I stuffed my ass with Sharpies 2 went deeper than others and there were just 22 visible. So, my ass was stretched up to 22 Sharpies, not 24 as I thought it was”. My site gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy a huge collection of videos! Buying a premium you can download any video online. I fill the site every day just for you! Join now! Experience premium features! Welcome! This video contains the following genres: Fisting, Gape, Anal Fisting, gaping, asshole, odd insertions, challenge


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