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1080 HD: Charlotte is setting down some rules for her less likable friend, devon, to follow. The first rule is that devon always has to walk three steps behind Charlotte in the school hallway. Charlotte has a personal Princess bubble, meaning that she likes to maintain her own space. She can’t have someone like devon getting too close to her and ruining her Princess image. Devon must always carry Charlotte’s purse for her and whenever Charlotte needs any item from her bag, devon needs to produce it for her within two seconds. Devon’s not very good at anything, so as always Charlotte needs to make her practice a lot to get it right. Charlotte drills devon on producing her lip gloss for her within two seconds. Devon fails terribly. Not only does she not produce the lip gloss in time, she drops the entire purse on the floor. Charlotte is outraged. She makes devon practice over and over until she gets it right. When devon finally produces the lip gloss from the bag, Charlotte applies it while telling devon that now she is going to make out with devon’s boyfriend and make her watch. But first, devon has to kiss Charlotte’s feet. Devon kneels and kisses Charlotte’s feet. When Charlotte is satisfied, she leaves to go make out with devon’s boyfriend. Devon follows three steps behind Charlotte. (9:37 long)


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