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Part 1: Nick is used to being adored by the girls at the school so he’s easily duped into believing that being part of the show is a huge compliment. The dumb jock is horrified when his classmate Chloe starts grabbing at his clothing and stripping him down to his jockstrap. But far worse is to come when the mature female presenter starts groping him live on TV! This normally brave lad is then tested to the limit of his endurance when the hard wooden paddle is brought out…
File Name : R1
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 178 MB
Duration: 00:07:28
Video: VC-1, 960 x 540, 25.000 fps, 3254 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 64.0 Kbps

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part 2
Part 2: It’s all gone wrong for poor Nick. He thought the TV show would give him the chance to impress the girls at school. Instead he’s been stripped, thoroughly humiliated and had his arse whacked with a paddle. The giggling girls seem to revel in his discomfort and the stern presenter is oblivious to his suffering. He’s aware of the thousands of viewers at home witnessing his humiliation and his macho pride won’t allow him to give up. But as the pain increases so does the temptation to make a run for it.
File Name : R2
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 147 MB
Duration: 00:07:08
Video: VC-1, 960 x 540, 25.000 fps, 2812 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 64.0 Kbps


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