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Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe anyone would want to be Blossom…except maybe Blossom. That is because this is torture, pure and simple. The cunt is in Strappado, a favorite in HELL!, but that is just the beginning. WIth her hands painfully chained behind and above her, the cunt’s ass is beaten and her nipples are clamped.
During all this, the piece-of-shit, whore reminds us that she is nothing but a piece of not-quite-human flesh that simply deserves the most intense, insane, and inhuman punishments all for merely being her.
And let’s not forget about it’s cunt, which is whipped until it looks like raw hamburger. This is an utter subjugation of a worthless piece of shit and it is all so you can enjoy the entertainment to its agony.
This is what it means to be in HELL!
Blossom, I Would Not Want To Be Her.
(We just just watched this again right before publishing it, and you won’t believe the agonized noises of pain and degradation this piece of shit makes, the only real way to describe them is despair, she clearly has not hope left, nothing but brutalizing, vicious pain, that is her whole world in this movie …so enjoy her abject suffering.)
File name: Brutalmaster – Blossom I would Not Want To Be Her

Format: MPEG-4

Duration: 00:23:04

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: 317 kb/s

File size: 3.09 GB


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