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Some might say the second time around is easier, but that is not really the case. This is, in fact, the second part of Dirty Chai on the dog house, ringing the bells clamped painfully to her soft nipples and guess what, it is worse, so much worse this time.
She is strung up, spread on the course, punishing dog house roof, her ankles are weighted to keep her in place and her perfect little tits are clamped, beaten, caned, bleeding as she screams and cries and confesses that this is exactly what she deserves.

Chai may be the perfect masochist because she completely understands she not only needs to suffer and be punished but that others should witness her torments and tortures to display her painslut needs.
If you enjoyed the first part of this torment of Chai you will love part two, because, let’s fact it, the second time around is often much, much worse.
Dirty Chai discovers It’s Worse This Time.
File name: BrutalMaster – Peril Your Cunt Is A Target

Format: MPEG-4

Duration: 00:23:19

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: 317 kb/s

File size: 3.12 GB


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