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We have a thrilling update starring our favorite, submissive slut having her loose ass and cunt stretched with large bottles by another perverted, old stranger! We love seeing this insatiable young whore having her holes wrecked by random, anonymous fans, without even knowing their identities. She doesn’t want to know who they are, making her fantasy even more enjoyable to be used and degraded as a fist fucking rag doll by complete strangers. Anybody is welcome to stretch her holes no matter their age or looks, and her latest fan has a very perverse plan to humiliate her and wreck her holes to shocking new limits. They meet at a local hotel room where she’s already waiting naked to be used at his pleasure. He hands her a 1/2 litre cola bottle and commands her to impale her greedy cunt on it entirely. She’s shocked at his request, but extremely aroused too and smiles mischievously from ear to ear, then happily accepts his command. See her grab the bottle, flip it upside down on the armchair, mounting her tiny, skinny body over its base, then sinks herself way down towards the neck! It’s clear that she loves the intense stretching sensation and humiliating experience of fucking her trashy, loose cunt with the cheap cola bottle, and continues blasting it in and out of her snatch as he films her degrading herself. She then flips over onto her knees, holding the cola bottle in place with her foot, and he decides to push her limits even further, pulling out a hand sanitiser bottle and continues to shove that in her asshole alongside! Holy Fuck! Two large bottles are now filling both her holes and totally wrecking them beyond return, much to her delight! She enjoys an intense climax, then turns over onto her back and spreads her gaping ass and cunt apart with both hands, so we see exactly her ruined they are.
File name: KarinaHH – Giant Cola bottle insertions
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:05:01
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 248 kb/s
File size: 517 MB


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