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As Dr. Lay pulls back the white sheet covering the body recently brought in, she is taken aback by how young, how beautiful the woman looks. It’s so sad when a life is cut so short, but the doctor feels somethings else, too. Perhaps a bit of jealousy at such a gorgeous babe, maybe, just maybe, a hint of arousal. Dr. Lay pushes such thoughts out of her mind, as she begins her exam, chastising herself for letting such unprofessional ideas enter her mind.
They plague her, though, as she strips the body bare, exposing her abundant boobs, pretty, shaved snatch and her long, shapely legs. With her gloved hands, the doctor continues her exam, but perhaps lingers a bit too long at the cadaver’s sizable chest, squeezing, kneading and groping the fleshy mounds. All of the woman’s holes are probed, examined, her voluptuous body rolled and flipped to access every nook and cranny. At last, Dr. Lay binds the wrists and ankles of the sexy corpse and drapes the sheet back over it, hiding it from view. Then, she rushes off to her office, where, with a locked door, she relieves her dark desires.
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