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Dear friends, I put on clean jeans and decided to sit and chat. And suddenly I realized that I wanted to shit. But why should I go to the toilet, because I love to shit in jeans and shoot it for you! I bend over so that you could see better how shit, soft and smelly, climbs out of my ass. Jeans fit my fucking huge ass so tight that shit is just smeared on pussy and ass. Oh, how it turns me on, I hope that you too are now watching and jerking off your big hard cock. When all the shit came out of my hole, I wanted to squeeze it, took a balloon and sat on it. Then I sat down on a chair, moved my ass over the chair, my fucking shit became like a cake, I lowered my pants a little to show you. I get turned on thinking about how you are my fans, watch videos with me and masturbate.
File name: Svetlana – I like to shit in jeans
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:08:09
Video: 1920×1440
Audio: 192 kb/s
File size: 632 MB


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